Publication of The Cádiz Document

The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage (ISC20C) is pleased to announce the publication of “The Cádiz Document: InnovaConcrete Guidelines for the Conservation of Concrete Heritage”, presented at the InnovaConcrete Final Workshop held in Cádiz, Spain December 2, 2021. The document is intended to provide guidance for the conservation of concrete heritage with respect to its cultural, historical, aesthetic, social and technological values. It includes translations in Spanish and French. The InnovaConcrete Project partnership gave the ISC20C the responsibility to create these “Guidelines”, that were to be based on the same concepts expressed in the “Madrid Document”, originally published by the ISC20C ten years ago in 2011. That document, formally titled “Approaches for the Conservation of Twentieth-Century Architectural Heritage”, was expanded and revised as the “Madrid – New Delhi Document. Approaches to the Conservation of Twentieth-Century Cultural Heritage”, published by the ISC20C in 2017.

Read more about the document here.