Past Meetings & Events

Select Past Meetings and Events with their respective presentations and documents are available here in our online archive.


Annual General Meeting and Conference 

Porto, Portugal

This event was hosted by FAUP in Porto, Portugal. It was hosted in a hybrid format with both remote and in-person attendees. 

Please find additional information here. 


Virtual Annual Meeting December 12 (118?  Members tbc)

AGM invites  ISC20C input to ICOMOS Triennial Scientific Plan 2021-24 Climate Change Action; MAP review, Heritage Applause and Journeys to Authenticity EPWG intergenerational project Journeys to Authenticity

  • Innova Concrete Project outcomes announced
  • Website to be revised

Next AGM Porto, Portugal June - July 2022


Virtual Annual Meeting Sydney December (191 members)

  • ISC20C fifth Bureau Elections: Jack Pyburn,  (P) Kiran Joshi(SG), Laura Robinson(T), Smriti Pant, Leo Schmidt Stefania Landi, Susan Macdonald,  Enrique Madia, Dumitru Rusu. Co-opted: Aziza Chaouni, Grethe Pontoppidan
  • Revised ISC20C by-laws adopted
  • ISC20C Triennial Work Plan 2020-2022 adopted
  • ISC20C membership lists reviewed; membership policy updated
  • Innova Concrete Project meetings virtual, project delay due to pandemic
  • ISC20C Heritage Alert: Stadio Artemio Franchi  Florence, Italy.


Annual Meeting Sidi Harazem, Morocco October. (203 members)

  • Modern Concrete Conservation symposium held at Sidi Harazem
  • Innova Concrete Project meeting, Rabat
  • Bureau Co-option Policy adopted
  • Bureau succession program implemented
  • World Monuments Watch reviews by ISC20C

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Annual Meeting Trento Italy

September (188 members) 

Click here to download the meeting minutes from Trento.


ISC20C Annual Meeting New Delhi, India; December (174   members)

  • ISC20C fourth Bureau Elections: Gunny Harboe (P); Sheridan Burke (SG); Enrique de Anda Alanis (T);  Enrique Madia; Kyle Normandin; Leo Schmidt; Olaf Steen; Co-opted  Smriti Pant, Aziza Chaouni
  • Evening Seminar Approaches for the Conservation of Twentieth Century Heritage The South Asian Perspective
  • ISC20C Triennial Work Plan 2017-2020 adopted
  • Final approval and publication of revised ( rescoped and retitled) Approaches for the Conservation of Twentieth Century Heritage (the Madrid-New Delhi Document).
  • ISC20C recommends a General Assembly Resolution to endorse and promote the use and distribution of the 2017 Approaches for the Conservation of Twentieth-Century Heritage by ICOMOS National and International Scientific Committees, as a fundamental international document to guide the conservation of all Twentieth-century heritage sites and places.
  • ISC20C partners with University of Cadiz and European Partners to research innovative materials and conservation techniques for Twentieth Century Concrete-based heritage - the Innova Concrete Project, includes financial Contribution to sustain the work of  ISC20C
  • World Monuments Watch reviews by ISC20C
  • Heritage Alert NSC India initiated : Hall of Nations , New Delhi, India (Demolished)


Annual Meeting Dudley, UK. (145 members)

  • ISC20C Mentoring pilot for Emerging Professionals  initiated
  • ISC20C joint conference with International Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration, Florence, Italy. Modern Heritage Identifying Assessing and Managing its Protection and Conservation, proceedings published
  • Social Networking project initiated
  • ISC20C Heritage Alert: Administration Building at the Izumo Shrine, Shimane, Japan(Demolished)
  • Heritage Alert initiated : Factory “Red Banner”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia(Altered)


Annual Meeting Tokyo, Japan.(130 members) 

  • mASEANa Project initiated in partnership with Docomomo Japan and mAAN and representatives of 8 ASEAN regions, sponsored by  the Japan Foundation
  •  Conference Tokyo: Conservation Action Priorities for 20th Century

Heritage: Sharing Experience of ASEAN Countries and Japan


ISC20C Annual Meeting Florence, Italy, (111 members)

  • ISC20C third Bureau elections: Sheridan Burke (P), Kyle Normandin(SG), Laura Robinson (T), Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros, Gunny Harboe, Enrique de Anda Alanis (Mexico) Vice President  Co-opted Dominic Galicia and Riitta Salastie
  • ISC20C Strategic planning meeting, ISC20C Triennial Plan 2014-17 adopted
  • ISC20C Membership Drive- invitations to nominate members sent to all NCs and ISCs
  • After consideration of comments received on the first Madrid Document, Approaches for the Conservation of the Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage an updated second edition was published in four languages at the 18th ICOMOS General Assembly in Florence Co-operation was then initiated with CIVVIH and IFLA to include landscape and urban areas in next version.
  • ISC20C recommends 5 General Assembly Resolutions regarding:
    1.  Welcome and  support the use and distribution of the 2014 edition of the Madrid Document by National and International Scientific Committees as a fundamental international document to guide the conservation of twentieth century architectural heritage and encourage the participation in the ongoing development of the broader version of the Madrid Document;
    2. Heritage Alert: International Congress Center (ICC), Berlin, Germany (Retained)
    3. Conserving the Heritage of Russian Avant-garde;
    4. ICOMOS Heritage Toolkit and
    5. Conserving the Heritage of Socialist Realism and Socialist Modernism


ISC20C Annual Meeting, Chandigarh, India.  (97 members) 


ISC20C Annual Meeting, Helsinki, Finland. (79 members)

  • ISC20C PechaKucha Night at LAITURI  Twentieth Century Architecture Conservation
  • ISC20C Modern Serial Sites Workshop 2, Helsinki
  • ISC20C Heritage Applause project initiated
  • Socialist Heritage project initiated
  • Dubrovnik regional meeting of ISC20C May,  in conjunction with a conference entitled, Our Modern: Appropriating Vulnerable Twentieth Century Heritage
  • Beijing October Beijing University of Technology ISC20C pecha kucha and launch of the Mandarin translation of the Madrid Document
  • ISC20C Heritage Alert: West Wing, Central Government Offices, Hong Kong SAR (Conserved)
  • Heritage Alert initiated; Prentice Women’s Hospital, Chicago, USA(Demolished)


ISC20C Annual Meeting, Paris, France (80 members)

ISC20C second Bureau Elections. Sheridan Burke (P), Kyle Normandin(SG), Laura Robinson (T) Enrique de Anda Alanis, Natalia Dushkina, Co-opted : Nune Chilingaryan, Gunny Harboe, Susan Macdonald, Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros, Riitta Salastie, Yoshiyuki Yamana

  • ISC20C Modern World Heritage Serial Sites Workshop 1, Paris.
  • IS20C meeting Madrid, Spain, June with members petcha kucha session and an International Conference, Intervention Approaches for 20th Century Architectural Heritage, Madrid, Spain June
  • first edition of Approaches for the Conservation of the Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage (Madrid Document) drafted and launched
  • ISC20C Membership Drive- invitations to nominate members sent to NCs and ISCs
  • Work Plan for 2011-2013 Triennium adopted
  • ISC20C recommends 3 General Assembly Resolutions regarding:
    1. First draft of the Madrid Document ( Spanish, French and English) was presented  by ISC20C to the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly in Paris, which noted with satisfaction the development of the draft text, and its distribution for comment and discussion, and considering the full breadth of 20th century heritage;  and encourages the wide participation of National and International Scientific Committees in the ongoing development of these draft concepts.
    2. The need for protection of “La Halle Freysinnet”, Paris and
    3. Action re conserving the Heritage of Russian Avant-garde
  • Berlin regional meeting of ISC20C

  • World Monuments Watch reviews by ISC20C

  • ISC20C Heritage Alert:Halle Freyssinet, Paris, France.July (Retained)

  • Heritage Alerts initiated for Kyoto Kaikan (Altered), Kamakura Art Museum (Conserved, part dem), Japan and Paimio Sanatorium, Finland (Conserved)


ISC20C Annual Meeting ISC20C, Dublin, Ireland (83 members)

  • Twentieth Century Architectural Conservation conference, Dublin
  • ISC20C Membership policy established.
  • ISC20C Heritage Toolkit project initiated.
  • Heritage Alerts process adopted ICOMOS internationally
  • ISC20C Heritage Alert initiated: Finsbury Health Centre, London, UK


ISC20C Annual Committee Meeting, Sydney, Australia. (64 members)


  • ISC20C Bureau  First Election.
  • ISC20C Annual Meeting, Quebec City, Canada; (57 members)

    • First ISC20C Bureau Elections: Sheridan Burke (President), Kyle Normandin (SG), Enrique de Anda Alanis, Susan Macdonald, Bernhard Furrer, Gunny Harboe. Co-opted: Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros, Laura Robinson(T)

    • The ISC20C statutes updated in accordance with Eger Xi’an Principles

    • Twentieth Century Heritage Thematic Framework project initiated. 

    • ISCC20 Action Program Triennium 2008-2010 adopted

    • ISC20C recommends 3 Resolutions to the ICOMOS General Assembly regarding:

      • Action to respond to threats to the heritage of the Twentieth Century world-wide;
      • Seeking funding for preparation of an evaluative framework for a thematic study on Twentieth Century    heritage to be supervised by ISC20C UIA and Docomomo;
      • Seeking modest logistical support to ISC20C to undertake a pilot study for Twentieth Century Heritage Alerts.


ISC20C Annual Meeting and Symposium, Chicago, USA.

  • ICOMOS entered an MOU with UIA
  • Heritage Alerts concept initiated


ISC20C Meeting Moscow, Russia   36 members held at Heritage at Risk Preservation of 20th-Century Architecture and World Heritage conference Moscow

ISC20C issues Moscow Declaration on Preservation of Twentieth Century Cultural Heritage with Louise Cox, UIA and Maristella Casciato, Docomomo.

2005 - 2008

  • ISC20C  Interim Management Committee appointed.
  • February-the ICOMOS Executive Committee approved statutes to establish an interim management group to initiate the activities of the ISC for its first triennium (under the co-presidency of Sheridan Burke and Christiane Schmuckle Mollard) who worked with Francisco Morales to develop and implement the initial triennial action plan and draft statutes for establishing a full International Scientific Committee. 22 international experts were invited to become foundation members of the committee, including representatives from Docomomo and TICCIH.


October- ISC20C establishment meeting at  General Assembly in Xi’an China. Convened by Christiane Schmuckle-Mollard and Sheridan Burke (Co-presidents); volunteers to form a bureau included: Xavier de Anda Alanis (T), Gunny Harboe (SG) Kyle Normandin, Susan Macdonald, Sandra Uskokovic, Louise Cox, Natalia Dushkina. Invitations to nominate members to ISC20C sent to all ICOMOS National Committees(NCs) and International Scientific Committees (ISCs)

2001 - 2005

ISC20C Task Force appointed by ICOMOS.

  • 2001: ICOMOS Executive Committee appoints a Twentieth Century heritage programme task force to investigate its role with C20th Heritage. (Jean Louis Luxen, Sheridan Burke, Dinu  Bumbaru) with a focus group meeting( to be sponsored by City of Montreal), and co-ordination with UNESCO/Docomomo initiatives. EC envisages a programme of activity rather than an ISC 
  • 2002: International Monuments and Sites Day, on 18th April 2002 promotes C20th heritage 
  • 2002: ICOMOS Heritage@Risk Report emphasis on 20th century heritage TICCIH and DOCOMOMO contribute substantially to its content
  • 2005: The ICOMOS report “The World Heritage List: Filling the Gaps”, highlighted the inadequate representation of modern heritage on the World Heritage list—only a dozen of the over 700 places then listed were identified as modern heritage.