ISC20C is inter-disciplinary in its membership and recognizes the diversity of regional and cultural expression in twentieth-century heritage. The ISC20C welcomes expert, associate, emerging professional and institutional members.
The ICOMOS Twentieth Century Heritage International Scientific Committee focuses its efforts on conserving and celebrating mid to late twentieth-century places that are most at risk through lack of recognition and protection.
The committee co-ordinates a range of projects, conferences, declarations, and publications to address these issues. The Heritage Alerts program is a key advocacy project through which ISC20C raises international public consciousness about specific sites under threat.

Around The World

The committee members form a permanent international and inter-disciplinary group representing various specializations and research themes particular to the heritage places of the Twentieth Century. We facilitate international and regional collaboration through projects such as the Socialist Heritage initiative and the mASEANa project; and actively disseminate current knowledge in the field through the ongoing development of our ISC20C Heritage Toolkit. Annual meetings and conferences identify current and forthcoming issues for ISC20C engagement. We actively use social media platforms as a forum for discussion and exchange of information and conservation initiatives.
In 2017, the committee finalised the international standard: Approaches for the Conservation of the Twentieth Century Heritage (known as the Madrid-New Delhi Document) which was endorsed for international promotion by the ICOMOS General Assembly in Delhi.

Twentieth Century Heritage

ISC20C is active in providing advice within ICOMOS and externally about world heritage listing and management of modern heritage places.
The committee works in partnership with relevant regional and international organisations with an interest in Twentieth Century Heritage such as UAI, TICCIH, ICCROM, mAAN, and Docomomo.
By promoting and celebrating the values of the heritage places of the Twentieth Century and its creators, ISC20C aims to lead, support and sustain its conservation, management and interpretation.
We take a broad view of what constitutes twentieth-century heritage places by including in our work buildings, structures, urban ensembles and city plans, cultural landscapes, industrial and historic archaeology, tangible and intangible heritage.