This survey will assess the national state of conservation and protection of Twentieth-Century heritage places, with a view to identifying practice needs and capacity-building projects and priorities. It follows up on the MAP20 study conducted from 2001-2004, which identified key issues in Twentieth-century heritage preservation. Two decades later, ISC20C seeks to assess how the field has evolved and identify the most pressing challenges.

The survey is aimed at all National Committees of ICOMOS to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of conservation globally about caring for Twentieth-century heritage. It will also gauge the awareness and effectiveness of ISC20C guideline documents, explore the availability of resources and literature in different countries, and pinpoint common trends, challenges, and opportunities faced in caring for Twentieth-century heritage internationally. Finally, the survey results will inform the ISC20C work plan in the future.
The ISC20C initiative co-leads are Sheridan Burke and Margherita Pedroni.

The working group members are Carolina Chaves, Faboye Samson, Giacomo Martinis, Grethe Pontoppidan, Juliano Carvalho, Mariana Isa, Nityaa Lakshmi Iyer, Oliver Sukrow, Santiago Beckdorf, Stefania Landi, Susan Macdonald, and Tom Davies.