ISC20C Emerging Professionals

The ISC20C Emerging Professionals is a group formed to engage heritage conservation professionals in the early stages of their careers in the work of the ISC20C. It is a multigenerational link that offers individuals mentorship and engagement with the work of ISC20C.

Emerging Professional, or “EP” is a self-designation that individuals may seek once they have joined the ISC20C to learn how the bureau and committees work and how to become engaged in its initiatives. The group will provide networking opportunities with other new members and offer the benefit of education and mentorship from experts in the heritage conservation field of 20th-century heritage. Interested individuals should first apply for membership to the ISC20C.

Information on the ISC20C Objectives and Procedures are available for download below. To get engaged with our EP group, please reach out to our current Coordinator, Kaleigh Sawyer, or Bureau Member, Kyle Normandin. Contact Information is available on our Bureau Member page.