Journeys to Authenticity

"Journeys to Authenticity" is the name of an initiative by the ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group (EPWG). It aims to explore and clarify the meanings and significance of Authenticity, that most elusive of heritage concepts. The EPWG aims to share and promote wide discourse about national, regional, and international interpretations of the different pathways we take with regards to Authenticity. As all ICOMOS Committees are invited to share current definitions and interpretations of authenticity and integrity as applied to their work, and demonstrated through examples, ISC20C is also happy to engage with this fascinating project and collaborate with the EPWG.

As the initiators state, specific case studies might be used to evoke discussion of the various approaches, definitions, methodologies, and complexities which practitioners and researchers are confronted with in their local projects. Possible questions for discussion include:

• What are the existing national and regional definitions of authenticity and integrity?
• To what extent have local definitions or interpretations of authenticity evolved to-date?
• How are the established definitions of authenticity applied in practical terms in conservation projects?
• What are the common challenges or complexities?

ISC20C members are encouraged to sign up for this project!