Call for emerging professionals

The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage (ISC20C) is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to conserving and celebrating 20th-century heritage and places around the world. The ISC20 includes a Bureau of officers who undertake the day-to-day work of the committee and lead Committee wide activities that aim to advance conservation of 20th Century heritage internationally.

The ISC20C is committed to engaging next the next generation of heritage professionals in our work and invites interested
Emerging Professionals (EPs) to take part in an open virtual informational session about the organization and how to get
involved. An Emerging Professional, or “EP” is a self-designation that individuals may seek once they have joined the
ISC20C to learn how the bureau and committees work and how to become engaged in its initiatives. The goal of the
program is to establish a meaningful relationship between an EP and bureau initiative leader in a mentoring role to will
promote the growth of the Eps heritage conservation career and provide leadership opportunities through engagement in
ISC20 projects and the Bureau’s day to day activities. The ISC20C Emerging Professionals group was formed in 2020 by
the ISC20C Bureau under the Bureau’s Education Initiative.

If you are interested in becoming involved with ICOMOS ISC20C as an Emerging Professional, we invite you join us on Sunday, April 14th at 2:00 pm CET via Zoom for an informal gathering! This meeting will be hosted by the current ISC20C Emerging Professionals and provides the opportunity to learn more about the EP working group as well as the benefits of the program. Interested individuals should be an active member of ICOMOS in good standing. You do not yet need to be a member of the ISC20 but should be interested in joining.

The ISC20C was formed over two decades ago and offers invaluable opportunities for networking with other EPs from around the world as well as professional development with mentorship pairings and engagement in the production of work for the ISC20C initiatives. For more detail information, you may contact any of the following members: Kaleigh Sawyer, Nityaa Lakshmi Iyer, Kyle Normandin

Emails: ;;;

Please follow the link below to register for the meeting: