Call for presentations – isc20c 2023 agm

Dear ISC20C members,
As you know, the ISC20C ANNUAL MEETING will be held on Friday 1 September 2023 at the
Sydney Opera House, 9:00-12:00 (AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time), followed in the
afternoon by a half-day seminar entitled TWENTIETH CENTURY HERITAGE ENVIRONMENTAL
SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE, 1:30-5:00 (AEST), which will be a ICOMOS General
Assembly side event, open to all registrants. Virtual attendance will be also possible for ISC20C
members at both events. Details about registration process will be provided in a separate email.
As we have a relatively short time for business at our annual meeting this year, we are moving our
usual lightening-round member presentations to the afternoon symposium with the focus
specifically on the theme of climate change, sustainability and twentieth century heritage, as
described further below. We have potential for a limited number of short presentations from
ISC20C members and invite original submissions, with geographic and topic diversity and
suitability of the subject matter to join the seminar program (which will also feature keynote
lectures). We invite you to submit proposals for this session as follows.
Case studies, research or policy projects that address either:

  1. Identifying and managing risk at twentieth century heritage places;
  2. Mitigation for twentieth century heritage places;
  3. Adaptation for climate change response for twentieth century heritage places.
    Each presentation can be a maximum of 8 minutes and, as such, a maximum of 12 slides is
    If your proposal is accepted and you will not be able to attend in person, you will need to prerecord
    it, managing time so to ensure that your presentations are within the designated time. Managing
    virtual meetings and seminar successfully relies on the participants ability to be respectful of the
    time limits that we have to set and retain a high level of professionalism to the event. 
    If you are interested in presenting at the event, please submit your abstract (max 200 words)
    and n.3 images as separate jpeg files (optional) by Friday 7th July, 2023. 
    Successful presentation recording will need to be submitted by Monday 21st August, 2023.
    Please factor this into your willingness to participate. Those who are able to attend in person will
    be required to submit their pwp presentation by the same deadline but will be able to present live. 
    Looking forward to receiving your proposals,
    We remain at your disposal for any related information,
    With thanks,
    ICOMOS-ISC20C Secretary General