Membership Categories

Expert Members

Expert members may be nominated by national ICOMOS committees, ISCs or may be self- nominated. If self nominated, two supporting letters of recommendation from ICOMOS members who know the nominee are needed. In addition, nominees are to submit a letter of interest and their CV.

Applications will be assessed by the Committee’s Secretary General and two other members.

Expert members must demonstrate competency in the subject through a minimum of ten years professional experience, relevant education and training, and most importantly, they must commit to actively participate in the work of the Committee.

Expert members must be ICOMOS members, and agree to abide by the Ethical Commitment Statement for ICOMOS Members, Madrid 2002. Failure to behave accordingly may result in dismissal by the Bureau.

There is no limit on the number of expert members that can be nominated by national committees and ISCs to the committee, and to vote on other committee decisions.

ISC20C POLICY Expert members are Invited annually by President writing to NCs and ISCs (November), to submit CV for review. Process for acceptance is that the SG assess and recommends to Bureau with full CV asap after receipt.

Associate Members

Associate members are ICOMOS members who wish to build up their interest and expertise in Twentieth Century Heritage conservation. Associate members will generally be younger practitioners willing to actively participate in the work of the Committee. Associate members are conditionally accepted for a period of three years, after which time their contribution to the Committee will be evaluated for possible elevation to be an expert member. Associate members are accorded no voting rights.


Emerging Professional Members

Emerging Professional, or “EP” is a self-designation that individuals may seek once they have joined the ISC20C to learn how the bureau and committees work and how to become engaged in its initiatives. The group will provide networking opportunities with other new members and offer the benefit of education and mentorship from experts in the heritage conservation field of 20th-century heritage. Interested individuals should first apply for membership to the ISC20C.


Special Memberships
Founding Members

Individuals identified by the ICOMOS Executive Committee in 2005 as being appropriate experts to assist in establishing the ISC20C. Some have since become members or associates of the ISC20C. They remain on the electronic mailing list, but unless now members or associates, do not play an active role in the ISC20C.

Honorary Members

May be appointed by the Committee in recognition of the services they have rendered to the Committee or in recognition of their activities in favor of the Committee’s objectives. Honorary members have no voting rights.